Catholic Culture

At Saint Clare's we weave our children and our families into the beautiful and vibrant fabric and rhythm of the liturgical calendar:  celebrating feast days and holy seasons throughout the year.  In May, we crown Mary with song and prayers, as well as flowers picked from our own gardens.  In September we commemorate the victory of good over evil during Michaelmas, celebrating with a Fall festival that includes face painting, carnival games and slaying a dragon piñata.  In November, the children learn about and dress up as their favorite saints for All Saints Day.



We celebrate the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel and the triumph of good over evil with a fun Fall Festival complete with carnival games and bobbing for donuts.




Saint Lucy delivers sweet treats to her classmates on December 13.



The children's hand made lanterns glow in the night as we take to the streets bringing light and song to a dark world on the feast of Saint Martin the soldier.