About Us


Saint Clare's Tahoe, located above 6,300' in the Sierra Nevada mountains, is an engaged community of families, educators and professionals coming together to bring a unique Christ-centered, child-led, mountain Montessori experience to North Lake Tahoe.



Our unique school is built on three pillars:

The World Renowned Montessori Method.  Time tested and currently the leading pedagogy used in over 22,000 schools worldwide, we believe there is no better gift to give a child than a life-long love of learning.  And that there is no better way to give this gift than through the Montessori Method, which allows each child the personal freedom and prepared environment necessary to whole-heartedly embrace his own educational journey.

A Passion for Catholic/Christian Faith-Based Education.  We believe that every child deserves to know that she is wonderfully made and wonderfully loved.  She deserves to know that walking in truth and learning to live a life filled with compassion and generosity toward her fellow man are keys to personal fulfillment and true happiness.  And, she deserves to be surrounded by a supportive, wholesome community who loves and supports her. 

A Love of Outdoor Exploration.  We don't live in Tahoe so that we can spend our days inside, and we don't believe our children should spend the majority of their days that way either.  At Saint Clare's we are committed to the incorporation of daily outdoor learning and weekly Tahoe adventures.